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The Bees that Got Away

Three days after we collected Sandy’s swarm, Jeff attracted more bees. Here is a short movie about the bees that got away. The best part is listening to the bees.

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Swarm Season Begins!

Prior to cell phones, I always hated it when the phone rang just as my hand was on the door handle to depart. Now, I found a new way to prolong the agony of separation and temptation… I looked at … Continue reading

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Spring Check: The Girls eat their Broccoli and Clean their Feet

Whenever the sun comes out the bees are busy. They are always in the borage, which reseeds itself in our yard and grows like a weed. One day I tried to see if there was any pattern to which flowers … Continue reading

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Finished… the 2012 Unfinished Project Show

Jeff and I returned to San Francisco to rescue the 1946 Velocette GTP from the gallery where the bike had been on display with other unfinished projects. It was like a two-week vacation for the bike. From here the bike … Continue reading

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